Thursday, June 2, 2011

Wait, no pasta? What did I get myself into....

Today is only day two of thirty. Day two and I'm already looking for pasta. I mean, yes of course I have gone more than two days without eating pasta, but I guess just knowing that I can't have it unless I make it means I'm thinking about it...and if I'm thinking about it then I want to eat it.

Technically, since I did join in at the Beinville level, I can have "limited" amounts of flour. So I had this crazy notion that I could use limited amounts of my not so local wheat flour and half it with some corn flour. That'll work, right? gross....and lets just leave the failed pasta experiment at that. I'm sure by the end of 30 days, I'll have just used the dang flour to successfully make pasta (the way its meant to be, with delicious all purpose, gluten filled wheaty flour). I mean, using local eggs has to count for something, right?

However, after the failed experiment, in my crap!-what-the-hell-am-I-going-to-eat-now moment, I actually ended up making something quite glorious. Basically I just winged it with what was in the veggie drawer and it was awesome. Vegetarian and totally yum. I'll definitely try recreating it, maybe with the addition of a bit of chicken.

Anyway, here's the breakdown for day two:

Breakfast: fried egg, grits, corn bread and of course, coffee. That's right, in your face stinky husband of mine (who is convinced its impossible for me to wake up early on a work day)...alright so maybe that's mostly true, but today was different. I actually woke up early enough to bake corn bread muffins from scratch, take care of the pets, get ready and get to work on time. :D

Lunch: I ate it and didn't even think about taking a picture until I had cleaned my plate dry, but it was just left over crawfish etouffee and corn bread. The baking powder free corn bread actually came out pretty decent. I just separated the eggs and whipped up the whites and folded them in at the end.

What's for Dinner? Deliciousness, that's what! (okay, I'll admit, I say this probably more often than necessary...but it was!) Summer squash, shitake mushrooms, heirloom tomatoes sauteed in a bit of butter with garlic chives, sage, thyme and shallots all served over my new favorite rice, Jazzmen.

Magical Revelation of the Day: Garlic Chives!!!!!!!!! Seriously, I thought about using some of the garlic I bought at the berry farm, but I used a whole head in last night's etouffee (they're pretty tiny) and I only have two more heads and who knows where or when I'll pick up more. I decided to just dress up the veggies with some herbs from the garden and used a good bit of the garlic chives I picked up at Rouses. WOW. I took that first bite and I couldn't believe I hadn't put any garlic in there. According to Wikipedia, "the flavor of garlic chives is more like garlic than chives." I can now attest to the validity of that statement. I have to go do the damn dishes. I hate when my dishwasher is out of town. :(

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