Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Taking the Plunge: Eat Local Challenge

My husband thinks I'm insane. Yes, okay I know I'm nuts, but we're actually talking about something more specific right now. Today is June 1, so that means it's day one of the Eat Local Challenge I signed up for.

I've been doing lots of prep work including working in the garden de-weeding and planting some extra herbs and what not. Which thankfully made me realize how boringly green the garden had become, so I also treated myself to some happy colorful zinnias, pentas, salvia, mandevilla and lots of other pretty blooms.

Anyway, I've been scouting and stocking local goodies to get ready. I went out to Ridemore Berry Farm to pick my own blueberries, garlic, onions and other goodies. By the by, they're real nice folks. It's a small farm, but their pickles are AWESOME and they even gave me a free horse riding lesson since no one else was around. Rouses is one of the sponsors, and now that I've actually been looking for local items, I've noticed my Rouses on Tchoup actually has an okay selection of local goods--wine, dairy products, meats, produce. The selection might be limited, but they at least carry a good bit of items to get me by if I can't make it out to the farmers markets. 

I also finally stopped by Hollygrove Market & Farm for the first time and I'm really impressed by their selection. The box for the week was quite a steal for $25 and I even picked up some eggs and milk. They have a good selection of local cheeses and they had beef and chicken too. I didn't grab any yet, but I definitely plan to this coming week with my 10% discount. 

Anyway, I've got a couple dessert recipes up my sleeve and the rest I'm just kinda winging it...but I'm as ready as I gonna be to take the plunge. I'll post tonight after dinner the rundown of what I ate today. 

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