Thursday, June 23, 2011

So...I'm kinda a Suzie Homemaker...picket white fence and all

So I've always taken pride in having homemade things--food or otherwise. I definitely attribute this to my family and having my grandmother's crafty craziness as inspiration. I don't think in my whole life I ever had a store bought pre-packaged costume for Halloween. Either my grandmother made it or it was pieced together with thrift store buys. I don't really remember having junk food in the house either and definitely not at grandmaw's house! I think her exact words were, "No Cheetos, Doritos, merdito's," which I guess roughly translates to something like: no chips or other pieces of shitty junk.

Now I will fully admit that my brother and sister and I most definitely would partake in the glories of junk food when we were at our besties house next door. But I've found that the most invaluable thing I got from home were the skills and passion that were always so abundant in our family. We were always out experiencing new things and learning about cool stuff. My mom was always a great teacher, even before she actually became a teacher. She's definitely not the best cook and I don't she's much of a sewer, but she always made sure we were learning something....even if we were dirt poor.

I'll fully admit I'm not the smartest of my siblings, or the best seamstress. I don't have the green thumb my sister has, or the kind heart my brother has. I laugh when people say "You're such a talented artist!" because my "art" pales in comparison to the mad skillz both my brother and sister have. I wouldn't consider myself the best cook either... But, I've learned to appreciate how soothing and fulfilling a hard day's work in the garden is. I'm crafty and creative and have tons of interests and hobbies. And I will say that I have always been fearless in the kitchen.

I think I must have been in maybe 4th grade or so when I took my first cooking class at summer camp--and I mean REAL cooking. We would all get on the bus with our paring knives and head over to the kitchens at Nunez and learn to cook with Ms. B. We did everything from knife handling 101 and how to crack and separate an egg to homemade onion rings and buttercream roses. I remember one day after we learned to make onion rings my best friend and I stayed home from camp so we could make them at my house. Hot knives and I don't remember having any adult supervision. I do however remember when my mom called to check in and see how we were doing...I think shrieking would be how to describe what happened when I told her what we were up to. Followed by, "Yanna Maree, if you burn down the house, so help me god, I am going to scalp you." Mom was always worried I was going to burn down the house...that and ending up in gutters in the street. And what was up with the scalping? I don't know where that came from, but there sure were plenty of threats growing up...

Anyways, I digress. The point is, I love making things. There are few things in this world that are more exciting to me than having someone appreciate something I made with my own hands. I get all these crazy ideas in my head for costumes, and cakes, and crafts, and I love trying to figure out how to make the insanity in my head actually become something in reality.

Today I made mayonnaise for the first time. It was super easy and way tasty. I don't think I'll ever go back to the crap in the jar. I also brewed some tea using leaves from the fig tree in the backyard. Both experiments were a success and sooo much fun.

Projects for the weekend: I have to make Crawfest! version 2.0 for a friend's party. Make a hat to wear to Butterfly Tea at Windsor Court. Maybe make some ricotta cheese for a friend's housewarming/birthday/wine and cheese bash Saturday night. Make some kind of bib, toy or cute something or other for a baby shower Sunday...looks like a typical weekend!

Now if I had just learned how to pick up after myself too... Thank god my husband puts up with my crap and still loves me to boot! I guess that makes me just Susie Homebaker-esque, which is fine by me. I've always thought I'm too funky and bitchy anyway, but I'm still surprised every time someone thinks I'm so housewifey...

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