Thursday, June 6, 2013

Almost a week in and I'm loving it

One of the things I love about the challenge is the variety of items we see in June, especially this year. We have a longer strawberry season, while blueberries are just starting to peak and the first peaches are on the way. Later we'll hopefully get some watermelon and fig--and that just some of the fruits and berries. Once you start eating seasonally, you cherish those seasons and know you're getting the absolute best produce at the peak of its season. Savor it now!

So far I've had two of my three allotted cheat meals--one at City Park's Morning Call when the foraging class was canceled due to bad weather and the other at Pizza Delicious. That one was at least partially local. So far my ingredient or "vices" cheats are coffee, bread and dried spices. These probably won't change during the month. Here's what I've been eating the past few days:

Day 3 dinner: braised goat over rice.

Day 4 breakfast: no time for anything but a quick breakfast on the go. tomato with goat cheese and cane vinegar.

Day 4 dinner: a cheat meal or more correctly a 1/2 cheat meal at Pizza Delicious: Mezzi Rigatoni w/ Local Greens Pesto--broccolini, yellow squash, confit tomato, swiss chard. I was too busy inhaling it to take a pic, but this instagram user did:

Day 5 breakfast: carrot zucchini cornbread.

Day 5 lunch: summer salad and cornbread.

Day 5 dinner: baguette class at Gracious! I brought home my baguette from class and had it with a bit of goat cheese and strawberry jam...I'll definitely share more pix from class soon!

Day 6 breakfast: hashbrowns

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